Bass Treble Booster 1.1

Simple audio editing program which can also convert audio files to MP3 and lossless formats

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    Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows XP

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Bass Treble Booster 1.1
Bass Treble Booster 2014

Bass Treble Booster allows users to modify the bass and treble of their audio files. The program is capable of tweaking other aspects of the audio as well. These days, the average person stores hundreds, if not thousands, of audio files on their computers. Such files range from music to personal audio files and more. Chances are high the basic audio file doesn't sound as good as it could with a few modifications. Fortunately, Bass Treble Booster enables users to add those finishing touches.

What Does Bass Treble Booster Offer Users?

Upon installation, users will open the program to find a basic menu. A number of audio controls and a space for inserting files are visible right away. Conversion options persist at the bottom of the window. Everything else is hidden in menu buttons and a toolbar. Although these things might seem confusing at first glance, even the most casual user will quickly understand how to work with Bass Treble Booster.

After importing some audio files, users will be able to select each file and work with it. The main menu features an equalizer setting as well as individual sliders across multiple frequencies. Modifying these values from -15db to +15db will change the audio file's overall sound. By using the presets instead, a user can change specific aspects of the audio file in automated fashion. This option is best used by beginners.

When a user is finished with modifications, they can convert the audio file into a new file. Bass Treble Booster doesn't limit the file to its original format, though. In fact, the program allows users to choose one of a half-dozen audio formats. Such a feature is incredibly useful for getting the file to play on a different playback device. Advanced users will love this particular option as well.

Looking At The Downsides With Bass Treble Booster

Bass Treble Booster could benefit from a few tweaks here and there. For starters, the program should come with more equalizer presets to increase the customization options. Design elements within the program are on the plain side, and nobody would call this an attractive program. Also, amateur and professional sound editors may prefer to work with a more advanced program. Bass Treble Booster remains on the basic side of editing.

The Verdict On Bass Treble Booster

For basic sound editing, Bass Treble Booster is a great solution. Users won't have to pay a dime for the program's best features. The program succeeds by offering simple controls with a couple of advanced features added in. Without a doubt, users should opt for Bass Treble Booster for their sound editing needs.


  • Program includes solutions for both novices and experts.
  • Multiple audio formats are supported for playback on other devices.
  • Resetting file back to original state is simple.


  • The program should have included a few more equalization presets.
  • Actual sound editors may find the program a little too simplistic.
  • Overall design is plain and boring.

The Bass Treble Booster allows you to personally customize the audio levels of bass or treble frequencies in your favorite songs.

The Bass Treble Booster is useful for those that may want to add their own custom sound mix to some of their favorite songs, and for those who want to put their favorite music into a lossless format. With this tool, you can pump up the bass and give off more of a low-end sound while playing your music, or you can turn up the treble and let some of the high end frequencies play through the song (possibly allowing you to hear certain aspects of the song you may have never heard before.)

The Bass Treble Booster tool is an easy tool to use. The interface inside the application itself is well organized and labeled for your own convenience. The Bass Treble Booster also allows you to convert and edit files as batches with its easy to use drag and drop interface and supports many original file types such as mp3, wav, and FLAC. All you have to do to edit a file is simply inject the file into the application, proceed to work on editing the different sound bands to bring out either the bass or treble, and then save your work. An added bonus with the Bass Treble Booster is that you can convert your hard work into a lossless format, which means that every single tweak that you may have made to your favorite track will be noticeable.


  • Easy to use
  • Can convert into lossless formats
  • Supports batch file conversions


  • Advanced functionalities can take some time to learn
  • Inexperienced users should make sure have a possibility that their treble/bass settings may ruin their speakers.

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